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Ibuprofen addiction?

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Ibuprofen addiction? Empty Ibuprofen addiction?

Post by thesanssamurai Fri Jan 17, 2020 6:32 pm

So i've been on ibuprofen everyday now for probably the last 2 years or so.. I injured my lower back doing construction work and tweaked one of my lower discs. Got prescribed stronger painmeds than ibuprofen but ibuprofen was the final "ease off" medication that I took before I was supposed to completely stop it. Problem is I never stopped taking it, because I was afraid that unstoppable pain would come back and just the thought scared me. So messed up, real coward. I'm 26 years old male, otherwise healthy and active and I know it's not good to keep taking ibuprofens, especially for kidneys.

Think I've started developing withdrawal symptoms everytime I try to stop taking it. Get a headache and feel weird when im' supposed to feel normal. Any ideas?


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